Chloe (the founder of Flossy Tools) designed this makeup remover with you in mind.

The beauty community was missing a convenient, mess-free makeup remover that was good for the environment. Thus the Makeup Removing Glove was born!

Your new glove will elevate your routine, providing you with a comfortable and luxury experience, in a usually boring task...removing your makeup.

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  • Wet

    Run under warm water and squeeze out excess
  • Wipe

    Gently wipe the area makeup is present, removing the surface layer of makeup. Follow up with a cleanser/face wash to remove any non-visable residue.
  • Re-use

    Use your glove once more on the other side, before cleaning. Use gentle soap to hand wash and air dry, to keep your glove looking its best!
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Keeping It Squeaky Clean

It's important to clean your glove after every use to avoid bacteria build up - but luckily its quick and simple to do!

We recommend hand washing with your face wash to avoid irritiation and maximise your gloves lifespan - but do what works for you!

You can watch a tutorial on how to wash your glove here

Want To Know More?

If you have any unanswered questions or want to chat with us about the glove, please use the contact page to get in touch! Equally we would love to hear your feedback and reviews over on the product page <3

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