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Flossy Makeup Removing Glove

Flossy Makeup Removing Glove

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Makeup Removal A Chore? Not Anymore..

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals, endless cotton pads and wasting money on disposable wipes.

Combining skincare and selfcare, the Flossy Tools Makeup Removing Glove not only takes care of your skin, but transforms your daily routine into the dreamy wind-down you deserve. 

How I hear you ask?

Every aspect of The Makeup Removing Glove was carefully thought out, to make sure it eliminated the problems for EVERYONE. So when we say it truly was designed with you in mind, we mean it.

- Large surface area to speed up the process

- Made from high quality microfiber that makes removal effortless, gentle, and flexible to suit your skin

- Signature elastic cuff to catch any water to avoid the dreaded drip!

How easy is it to use?

  1. Remove the glove from it's waterproof cloud bag
  2. Insert your hand, and run under warm water until damp, and squeeze out excess water
  3. Wipe away any makeup by simply swiping in gentle motions across the area. You will see it disappear before your eyes!
  4. Once all makeup is removed, hang to dry for next use, as you can use once more on the reverse side before washing.
  5. When it's time to wash, use any soap or your face wash on a wet glove, and rub in circular motions (extra points if you use our heart cleasning tool!). Rinse the glove and repeat until the water runs clear. Hang to dry fully before next use.

Set contains 1 x Flossy Makeup Removing Glove and 1 x waterproof cloud storage bag.

Design registered number 6235669

Why did we design this product?


At Flossy Tools, we founded this cult product after feeling personally victimised by the selection of makeup removers on the market. As an acne sufferer, the founder had years of experience testing and trialling every type of makeup remover, and always found an issue with it. This resulted in dreading this part of her day, and often not removing her makeup at all! But we deserve the best, and we believe we have created the best, just for you!

Here at Flossy Tools, we believe there should be no compromise when it comes to your beauty routines, and focus on feeling and experience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
chloe thurston
Third purchase

Great glove thank you so much!!

I need more !

I purchased one as a present but I am reluctant to give it away! Will deffo be purchasing more in the future it’s so soft !! Thankyou :)

Jordan Minton
An ABSOLUTE must have glove!!!!

No when I say this is a must have product don’t just take my for it order it NOW!!! It has helped me with my makeup removal/skincare journey so much! I can suffer so much with dry and sensitive skin but this glove is so soft and gentle on my skin I honestly just wish I got it sooner! It’s so quick and easy to use it even makes the dreaded late night or early morning 😂 makeup removal easy!! Get it now!! Xxxx

Chloe Sanders

Don’t know why I didn’t get sooner, perfect for a lazy girl ahaha. Had no left over makeup after I used the glove ♥️

Nichola wolfers

I am so amazed at how amazing this worked. With only water I was skeptical at first but it blew me away at how it removed everything m. I would recommend anyone who wears makeup to get one you won't regret it

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Further info

Our glove can be used as a pre-cleansing tool or makeup remover, produced with high quality microfibre to remove makeup-up, SPF, excess oils and pollution - JUST WITH WATER!

Alternatively for a deeper cleanse (as it's important to double-up) you can pair our glove with your favourite cleanser. 

What is microfiber?

The magic of our makeup remover is down to the material it's made from.

Microfiber is a material scientifically designed to remove makeup with just water.

Read our article about it here

Caring for your glove

The instructions will come with your glove alongside the how to use guide - however incase you were wondering

1. Only use once on each side before washing and re-using

2. Handwash in warm water and use anti-bacterial gentle soap to clean the glove, until the water runs clear

3. Air-dry on radiator or clothing airer once washed

4. When travelling, use drawstring bag provided to keep clean, and store once used and wet


Shipping is via Royal Mail Second Class, and price varies depending on the parcel size.

We ship Mon-Fri 9am-5pm